About Us

PearlOrganic Agro Pvt. Ltd. is a young, dynamic organization based in India. We born out of the need for genuine, pure-testing organic food. We are working closely with small, medium, organic farmers across in India. We source as locally as we can from small farmers with the aim to preserve not just the environment but also the traditional skills that safeguard our heritage and provide valuable rural jobs. Our mission is to promote the use of indigenous cow dung manure & re-instate traditional vedic farming practices. Be it dense forests of South, West India or the Prestine Himalayas, we select only the finest quality in organic food. We enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with all our reputed stake holders, associates and are driven by the values of transparency, goodwill and trust in all our dealings.

We PearlOrganic Agro Pvt. Ltd. aims to serve our customers with the best variety of organic food and bring to their table nourishment. Our mission is we are best one organization with expertise in entire growing, processing & supply chain, distribution, without any compromising on quality and our ethics of doing business.



Our Vision

WE ARE WHAT WE EAT ! Since time immemorial India has preached and practices the benefits of organic farming & foods. However, the wisdom of the farmers and environment friendly farming techniques were for some time, forgotten with the arrival of the use of modern techniques that could increase yield multi fold. And as the use of synthetic material and pesticides, and other techniques took centre stage, the consequences of the health of people came to the forefront.